Sun Joe CJ601E Wood Chipper Review

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly wood chipper or if you prefer buying an electric wood chipper rather than a gasoline-powered chipper, you must prioritize sun Joe electric wood chippers. 

Sun Joe cj601e wood chipper is a mélange of compatibility and uniqueness. It is not the most efficient wood chipper on earth, but it can do wonders in your yard areas. It can easily chip and pulverize small branches and twigs within a shorter period.

It is evident that based on your requirements, the Sun Joe wood chipper is a great investment option.

Wait! Before investing in any machine, it is preferred by experts and manufacturers to get a detailed understanding of the product to avoid the hassle in the future. 

Therefore, we have conducted a detailed research-based analysis on Sun Joe CJ601E wood chipper and organized the information to make you well conversed with the product.

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    Sun Joe Cj601e Wood Chipper

    Sun Joe CJ601E Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

    9.2/ 10

    This article will make you understand the product characteristics and what users of this product experienced.

    Engine Capability

    Sun Joe CJ601E wood chipper has an installation of a 14 amp motor. This motor can produce 4,300 RPM, which makes the cutting of branches, twigs, and leaves in seconds. You can use this wood chipper to make mulches for your garden or clean the mess of the fallen debris. The cutting blades can chip branches having a thickness of no more than 1.5 inches.

    Safety Hopper

    According to the OSHA Integrated Management Information System (IMIS), 39 accidents were reported between 1996-2005. Among them, 78% happened when the chipper caught the user.

    If you are new to handling the wood chipper, the Sun Joe wood chipper will eliminate the risk of accidents with its additional safety features. 

    For example, the CJ601E wood chipper has a safety hopper with a locking knob to prevent the motor from operating when the hopper is not closed correctly. The device also carries a reset button to tackle an overloaded machine.

    These features make the chipping operation safe and straightforward in hazardous jobs.

    Environment Friendly

    The world is shifting towards green choice, and this trend will elevate in the years to come. If you are also a universe supporter, you must avoid purchasing gas-powered devices.  

    Sun Joe wood chipper is an electrically driven machine that is maintenance-free. As a result, it reduces the harmful fumes generated from gasoline-burning and conserves the environment and ultimately safe living creatures.

    Ergonomically Designed Portability

    If you are concerned with the portability of a wood chipper, then CJ601E is the ultimate solution. The Sun Joe wood chipper is designed to give the user easy and portable solid features.

    Once you get the product, you do not need any assistance to locate the chipper. Instead, you need to grab the chipper with the handle and the kickstand to move to the place.

    In addition, the kickstand keeps the machine intact in its position during operation, and the handle gives complete control over the chipper. The 6 inches wheel can move over rough terrain and is also replaceable.

    Reduced Storage Space

    Due to its compact design feature, CJ601E requires limited space for storage. This machine seems like a good option for those users who live in small apartments. 

    You can store this chipper in your garage and cabinet as well, and the kickstand holds it in its position.


    Sun Joe wood chipper is ideal for grinding the branches and twigs and creating nutrient-rich mulch for your garden that may reduce the waste up to 1/16th of its size.

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    Positive Points Of Sun Joe CJ601E Wood Chipper

    Sun Joe CJ601E wood chipper has brought up great benefits to its consumers. We have listed the top benefits below.

    Negative Points Of CJ601E Wood Chipper

    The following drawbacks are observed after analyzing the user experience in the CJ601E wood chipper.

    A Detailed Review Of Sun Joe CJ601E Wood Chipper

    Our team purchased the Sun Joe CJ601E wood chipper to give a detailed review from the user’s perspective.

    We tested the product in our yard area and analyzed its working potential.

    Assemble The Parts: Matter Of A Few Minutes

    We liked the CJ601E wood chipper as we received it because the assembling of parts was a doddle. However, most of the pieces were already in compact nature. 

    So we just connected wheels to the stand and then screwed that into the chipper unit with the help of a screwdriver—this work was completed in 10 minutes.

    After that, we need to plug in the wood chipper. If you are using an extension cord, ensure its compatibility and nature as mentioned by the manufacturer.

    Working Potential: Mediocre For Leaves And Great For Small Branches

    The engine performs efficient work when dealing with small twigs and leaves. The feeding chute is small and narrow, so you need to use a paddle to put the material, including leaves, into the hopper.

    The chipper pulled in the leaves faster, but they did not push out smaller pieces as compared with other leaf mulchers. We analyzed that the wood chipping is more productive than leaf mulching by the Sun Joe CJ601E wood chipper.

    In addition, a few things about the Sun Joe Cj601E wood chipper are not satisfactory. One among them is that the manufacturer claims this chipper can handle wood up to 1.5 inches thick. 

    However, we analyzed that it works best with 1inch wood material, but a slight increase in the size may impact the machine. The engine becomes halt.

    Another unsatisfactory feature is that the collection chute is placed close to the ground, so there is little to no room for setting the collection bag. 

    One important thing is that while covering a large area, we need to move the chipper, and the pneumatically designed wheel was tested on a wooden or the roughest terrain. It quickly moved over these surfaces, either wet or dry.

    If you plan to buy this wood chipper, you can check price on different stores.

    What Other People Said About Sun Joe CJ601E Wood Chipper?

    Our review analyst researched user experience about SunJoe CJ601E wood chipper and selected top reviews given below.

    The good thing about the CJ601E wood chipper is that 65% of the reviews are positive, and only 29% are negative.

    “I’ve had this for 2 weeks, used it for 3 or 4 hours to chop up seaweed for fertilizer. It does a decent job although the throat is quite small. To use it as it came would be practically impossible for leaves or seaweed.”

    “I’m female, short and not overly strong. This machine is light enough for me to move around the yard and use easily, but still sturdy enough that there’s no fear of tipping. It handles everything with ease, and I’ve found that it’s almost better with 1 inch branches than the smaller stuff- but it just pulverized everything.”

    “After my fifth day of chipping the plastic shredding case fractured beyond repair. Thin plastic cannot go the distance with the loads and forces generated in the shredding chamber. I’d give it 1 star but I shouldn’t have been surprised given what it cost.”

    Read more customer reviews.

    How To Preserve The Machine Quality (Maintenance Guide)

    To make your wood chipper viable in the years to come and retain its quality performance, maintaining the device periodically and adequately is the only key. 

    Therefore, the CJ601E wood chipper cleaning and maintenance schedule should be followed as per the below directions.

    Keeping The Machine Tidy

    Clean the dust around the chipper assembly using a soft brush or warm damp cloth. The use of water or detergent may cause permanent damage to the chipper.

    Keep the ventilation windows open and dust-free before operation.

    The inside of the machine is cleaned by opening the hopper. Unscrew the locking knob and remove the hopper. 

    Then clean the blades and the discharge chute. If there is any waste there, pull them out. After cleaning service, relocate the hopper and tighten the locking knob.

    Replacement Of Cutting Blades

    Storing Conditions

    After turning the machine off, wipe it with a soft brush.      

    Inspect each part of the machine, such as connections, blades, screws, etc., thoroughly.

    Keep the storage material clean and dry and make sure there exists no corrosive material present.

    Oil the blades if you are storing the chipper for an extended period. It avoids corrosion.

    Cleanse the extension cord and check it for any possible damage.

    Cover the machine in the original carton. Using plastic can pose significant damage to the chipper as in plastic, moisture accumulates.

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    Troubleshooting Directions For Sun Joe CJ601E Wood Chipper

    Do you want to save your time and money spent due to the minor problems in your wood chipper? Do you want to reduce interruption in your chipping work caused by the waiting longer for the machine experts?

    Yes! You might learn how to deal with the fundamental challenges that come across while operating a Sun Joe CJ601E wood chipper. We have discussed them below.

    The Engine Halts

    The motor is responsible for blade movement that carries out the chipping function. If the engine is not running, you can fix the problem by following.

    Check Power Connections

    Make sure that the chipper assembly is connected to the working switch. Apart from this, cross-check the extension cord for any damage.

    Check the feedstock quantity. If the machine is overloaded, take out excess chips from the unit and switch on the reset button. Wait at least 1 minute before restarting a device by pressing the ON/OFF switch.

    Check for the lid of the hopper. If the lid is opened and the locking knob is not tightened, this prevents the engine from starting.

    The Feedstock Becomes Stuck

    Choking in different machine parts may hold back the feeding material due to continuous operation. 

    For example, choking can occur in the feeding inlet or the discharge chute. The halt in the process may be because of the cut blades’ weariness.

    However, you can overcome the problem through these guiding steps.

    Shut the power supply and then open the hopper. Take the material out from the feeding inlet, and replace the hopper.

    Disconnect the power supply and open the hopper. Then open the lid of the discharge chute, and remove the choked waste from there. Next, install a new plate and hopper.

    Disconnect the electric supply, open the hopper, remove the blade cover, and clean the blocking waste. Then install a new blade cover and a hopper.

    Battered Blades

    Due to the consistent operation, the worn-out blades are a usual thing. This weariness may affect the chipping quality. To escape the problem, replacing the edges is the only viable solution.

    Disconnect the power supply before reversing the blades. Insert the end of the wrench into the slot to avoid rotating of blades during reversing and use the hex key to unscrew the screw that connects the rotatory plate and the reversing edges. Replace the blades and screw them with a spanner at the correct angle.

    How To Avoid Imminent Accidents During Operation: (Safety Instructions)

    Wood chippers are potent devices. Dealing with these chippers without care may cause severe problems in the chipper and injure the operator.

    Ohio State University (OSU) offers some safety tips.

    Some of the other helping safety precautions by the OSHA are discussed below.

    In addition, some electrical safety instructions while operating CJ601E wood chippers are;

    Final words

    We have covered all the aspects around the Sun Joe CJ601E wood chipper in the above description. 

    In addition, our detailed review and product analysis will help you make a better decision during purchasing, dealing with the machine in all ways.

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