Sun Joe CJ602E Wood Chipper Review

It is always a tedious task to get rid of extra fallen branches in a garden or yard area. This work can take you more hours and effort. 

However, with the advancement in chipping technology, it has become relatively simple to remove the debris from the ground or make nutrient-rich mulch with this debris in a cost-effective way. 

So, if you are a gardener or involved in land and agricultural work, you must consider buying a Sun Joe CJ602E wood chipper. This chipper might not be the most efficient product so far. 

Nevertheless, this wood chipper has a significant chipping potential that does great wonder while cleaning the garden waste.

Our review analysts dive into the product to cover all the nitty-gritty details to make you familiar with the product. 

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    Sun Joe CJ602E Wood Chipper Shredder

    Sun Joe CJ602E Wood Chipper/Shredder

    9.1/ 10

    In this article, we have organized the relevant information of the Sun Joe CJ602E wood chipper you required before purchasing and while using the machine.

    Sun Joe Cj602E wood chipper is a one-step improved version of model CJ601E wood chipper. Let’s explore the product by analyzing its associated key features one by one.

    Robust Engine: Fast Cutting Mechanism

    CJ602E wood chipper is powered by a robust engine of 15 amps that can generate a speed of blades movement of 4,100 revolutions per minute.

    CJ602E wood chipper runs well at this speed and voltage while transforming leaves, branches, bushes, and twigs into chips and mulch.

    Material Capacity And Reduction Ratio: Get Rid Of More Waste In Lesser Time

    The reduction ratio is also increased in the Sun Joe CJ602E electric wood chipper along with the engine potential. 

    It has a reduction ratio of 17:1 which means it can reduce the amount of organic waste from 17 bags to only one. It is a great option when dealing with waste. 

    You do not have to throw one bag of refuse with a CJ602E wood chipper than its counterpart, CJ601E wood chipper.

    This wood chipper can easily chip and shred wood sticks, branches, and twigs up to 1.57 inches thick. The reduced wood chips obtained from the CJ602E wood chipper are ideal to mulch around your trees and flower beds in the garden area.

    Portability: Easy To Move Around

    The Sun Joe CJ602E wood chipper is pretty small in size, with its hopper of around two to five inches. 

    However, you can lift the machine with your hand as it weighs 26.2 pounds. You can also move the machine without lifting because of the wheels installed for ease of movement.

    The wheels are around 6 inches in diameter, making moving through the wet and dry, rocky terrain convenient.

    Safety Installations: Work Without Fear

    The feeding hopper in the Sun Joe CJ602E wood chipper is designed to have a locking knob. 

    This knob dramatically reduces the chance of accidents, especially “caught-in accidents,” because if the knob is not tightened correctly and the hopper lid is left open, the Engine does not start functioning. 

    In addition to locking knob, emergency shut off, reverse and restart button offers safe handling of the wood chipper.

    Certified Quality Standard

    The Sun Joe CJ602E wood chipper is ETL approved. It indicates that this product has met the quality and safety standards set by the ETL certification company in North America.

    Apart from the above features, the CJ602E wood chipper is backed by a two-year warranty, and the product’s price entails shipping and installation costs.

    What Benefits Does CJ602E Wood Chipper Have?

    Despite a few problems with the design, the Sun Joe CJ602E wood chipper’s benefits outweigh its drawbacks. The top ways in which CJ602E proves helpful for consumers are listed below.

    What Limitations Does The CJ602E Wood Chipper Have?

    Sun Joe CJ602E Wood Chipper Review : From Unpackaging To Extensive Use

    Our review analyst purchased a Sun Joe CJ062E wood chipper for testing its potential. The product we received is highly compact and lightweight. 

    We have assembled the parts, and it is a piece of cake. If you are not professional, you can refer to the manual guide supplied with the product.

    The best part of the chipper is that it was so easy to operate. From start to end, the CJ602E chipper operation is pretty straightforward. There is no hurdle in starting the motor; you need to plug in the compatible cable.

    After plugging in, we tested its performance in the garden area. In the garden, we had mismanaged vegetation like some unpruned apple trees. 

    The original blades installed with the product are not sharp; that’s why we contacted the manufacturer for replacement. The new blades have sharp edges and are satisfactory.

    The machine performed chipping at least six hours consecutively and did not get stuck during the chipping operation. 

    We are satisfied with the material capacity claims by the manufacturer. CJ602E turned bushes and wood sticks of 1.5 or less into chips smoothly. 

    As long as the movement is concerned, this wood chipper moves smoothly on muddy and rocky paths due to pneumatically designed 6 inches wheels.

    We found Sun Joe CJ602E wood chipper a little costly as various models available on the market are found economical to the user.

    What Do Other People Said About The Sun Joe CJ602E Wood Chipper?

    We have figured out what people experience after using Sun Joe CJ602E wood chippers around the globe. 

    For this total, virtually 668 reviews are analyzed, and among them, 70% of reviews fall in favor, and 23% discourage the user from buying.

    We have listed some of the valuable comments here;

    “This is really a great wood mulcher overall. It seems to work really well at breaking down branches.

    The only downside is that the opening is so narrow that if the branches you are working with have many small branches or too much of a curve that you will have to do some pre-trimming in order to get the job done with this.

    The another thing that I found that I did not like so much was that it was difficult to put a normal storage tote under the trimmer to catch the trimmings because of the support bar.

    The plastic storage box I was trying to use kept moving away from the chipper because of the angle of the bar tilting it away from the chipper.

    It is surprising how small of a pile of mulch​ comes out of such a large pile of tree branches! Overall though I am glad I bought it.”

    “It looks like a solid machine, good for small stuff… Don’t expect to shred any bigger than 1 inch. Use it once for about 3 hours so far so good.”

    “I trimmed 3 cherry trees and 2 apple trees in my backyard. Needless to say I have a large pile of branches etc.

    It did exactly what i thought it would do…..Great wood chips that I will use in my smoker in months to come .

    Thank you. I would highly recommend this chipper shredder to friends.”

    You may get the product to your doorstep by clicking these buttons. Check out latest price from different stores to save your money. We are unable to mention price because maybe price changed after few days or months. Read more customer reviews.

    Sun Joe CJ602E Manual

    Sun Joe CJ602E wood chipper user manual is the best guide for you to operate the Sun Joe Cj602E Wood Chipper. Download Sun Joe CJ602E manual.

    Troubleshooting Of Sun Joe CJ602E Wood Chipper

    It is evident that if you want to reduce the risk of permanent machine failure, you must learn how to locate the troubles during operation at the initial stage. 

    While you are in the operational phase of the Sun Joe CJ602E wood chipper, you might encounter one of the below-listed problems. 

    We have determined the causes and the quick-fix solutions to the issues discussed below.

    Motor Refuses To Start

    A number of factors prevent the motor from deriving power to kick-start the chipper.

    If you get stuck in this situation, follow these steps in the following order to fix the problem.

    The Cutting System Loses Its Efficiency To Draw In Material

    The feedstock is not moving inward and gets stuck at one point due to the blockage. Choking in the cutting system and discharge tube hampers the material from taking in. Moreover, the material may get accumulated in the feeding inlet.

    In either case, overcome this challenge as mentioned below.

    Uniformity Is Not Maintained

    Due to excessive use of wood chippers, machine efficiency starts to reduce, so uniformity is not getting retained throughout the process. 

    As a result, chips of the wrong size are produced when the cutting system is affected; especially the edges are worn.

    You need to reverse or replace the cutting blades to regain the cutting efficiency.

    Maintenance Guide For Sun Joe CJ602E Wood Chipper

    Maintenance and proper care are mandatory in routine to keep the machine alive.

    The good thing about the Sun Joe CJ602E electric wood chipper is that it is almost maintenance-free. Instead of this, you need to clean the blade system if you want sharpened cutting efficiency all the time.

    Replacement Of Blades

    There are two reversible blades connected to the rotary plate with two bolts in the cutting system. 

    Before carrying out the replacement and cleaning procedure, ensure that the power supply is disconnected, and the operator must wear PPE.

    The manufacturer advises that the manufacturer avoid using those parts that are not complementary to the original specs. 

    The use of such parts may cause improper chipper functioning, be harmful to the operator, and affect the warranty.

    Safety Guide About Sun Joe CJ602E Wood Chipper

    Despite the fact that the Sun Joe CJ602E wood chipper is a convenient electric product, one must still acquire information regarding safe operation.

    We have collected the standard set of safety operations while handling electrical wood chippers, including the CJ602E wood chipper.


    Sun Joe CJ602E wood chipper is a handy, portable, and safe product. It is more reliable when it comes to dealing with small gardening areas having plantations of narrow branches.

    Now you end up knowing all sorts of the general information you required to purchase and handle the CJ602E wood chipper.

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