Sun Joe Vs Earthwise Wood Chipper

A wood chipper is a perfect chipping and wood shuddering machine that makes our work easier. The problem is that thousands of wood chipping companies are available around us, making it difficult to choose the best one. 

The 90% of people prefer to choose the brand with great customer reviews and warranty. Unfortunately, in our community, it seems that only 2 brands are highly recommended to purchase a wood chipper. Sun Joe and Earthwise are confusing people to pick the best. 

Here, I will help you choose the best wood chipper for yourself. Let’s get started to discuss

Sun Joe Earthwise

Sun Joe Vs Earthwise Wood Chipper

Sun Joe and Earthwise are two different brands with high competition. However, both brands are providing good material models with budget-friendly prices. 

So, it’s hard to compare both of them, but this comparison table will enhance both brand properties that will help you find the suitable one according to budget. 

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Sun Joe Earthwise
The weight of Sun Joe products is lighter than Earthwise. The weight of Earthwise products is a bit heavier than Sun Joe.
The Sun Joe cord is attached with a restraint hook. The cord of Earthwise is secured with a cord retainer.
The Sun Joe provides a 13.5 amp engine with 370+-10% rpm. The Earthwise chipper has the power to do 360 to 370 rpm.
Sun Joe provides 3 adjustment wheels with adjustable handle. Earthwise provides only single wheel adjustments but fixed handles.
It has a security lock button for safety purposes. Earthwise products also have a security lock button for safety.
The Sun Joe product runs at the same speed. The Earthwise chipper has a speed managing feature.
The cultivating depth and width of Sun Joe are 8 and 16 inches. The cultivating depth and width of Earthwise are 8 and 16 inches.
The appearance of Sun Joe is very stylish as it is designed properly with unique material. The appearance of Earthwise wood chipper has a less attractive look than Sun Joe.
It is budget-friendly. It is costly.
Sun Joe get 4.7 reviews from customers. Earthwise get 4.6 reviews.

I hope you want to know more about each brand product. Check out a detailed review and information about Sun Joe CJ601E Wood Chipper. It’s not a just review; you will find lots of information about this product.

The Bottom Line

I hope this reading will surely help you find the best for yourself. Both Sun Joe and Earthwise provide their 24 hours services to their incredible customers. 

Research and statistics prove that Sun Joe is competitively more preferable than Earthwise. I also prefer to use Sun Joe, not only for its appearance but also for its features. 

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