How To Unjam A Wood Chipper

Taking a lot of work without giving rest to the machine may damage or jam your wood chipper. No matter how branded or expensive it is. Good service and managing power is required for proper work.

If your wood chipper asks for overhauling more than schedule, the best option is to purchase a new one to save your everyday overhauling cost.

If you are confused about which one is best according to your requirement and fits your workload. 

Don’t worry, recently a wood chippers review by type, price, varieties, workload and brand. This guide helps you choose the best one according to your requirement and help you to save your money by the right selection.

Thanks for reading our suggestion; now scroll down and read more about how to unjam a wood chipper

How To Unjam A Wood Chipper
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    Step by Step Process How To Unjam A Wood Chipper

    If your wood chipper jam, stuck, or stop working because of any reason and you are passing through a mess and want to unjam your wood chipper, then just follow these step and unjam your wood chipper on your own;

    Unplug The Wood Chipper

    Before starting the investigation and working to unplug the wood chipper, make sure to plug off the switch to avoid dangerous results or damages and make it safe to touch. 

    Target The Blockage

    The wood chipper was jammed when any area was stuck or blocked with waste or material and could not pull more wood material. 

    We also know that these blocked parts are not easy to identify. That’s why we need to shredder apart. 

    Clean The Storage Bag

    If your storage bag is fully loaded, it will hassle working or stop the work because of the heavy load. Clean the bag and restart the wood chipper. Check whether the wood chipper’s problems are sorted or not. 

    Switchback and Forward

    If the chipper still jams and doesn’t work correctly after the restart, switch the button backwards and forward for a few attempts. This method mainly works, and that’s why it’s preferable.

    Remove The Hopper And Flywheel Housing

    Using Allen tools and spanners, remove the hopper from the wood chipper and check the area around the blades. If there is any blockage near the edges, clean it with a hand, screwdriver, or a dry cloth. 

    Grease the Parts

    Somehow wood chippers are stuck or jam because of much work and low greasing on metal parts. To prevent this hassle or unjam your wood chipper, you should grease the pieces with oil at least once a week. 

    Reduce The Thickness Of Wood

    Inserting much wood that a wood chipper cannot handle may also stick the wood chipper and damage the blades. Reducing the thickness and quantity of timber you are inserting will help you unjam the wood chipper. 

    If the wood chipper still does not unjam after reducing the size and quantity of wood, then insert a single sheet of wood and start it over.

    Things Not To Put In A Wood Chipper

    You are not allowed to put everything in your wood chipper because some things may jam your chipper, including;

    These are the few things that you should never put in your wood chipper; otherwise, it may affect the chippers’ working quality, speed, or jam any part. 

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    Bottom Line

    I hope you learned a lot from this article as it’s the ending time. This article discussed the ways and tricks to unjam your wood chipper by yourself.

    However, if you are still not satisfied and unsure of doing it, you must call the mechanic and get professional services from him.

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