How To Remove Wood Chipper Blades

Wood chippers do work quickly and efficiently to convert useless big wood pieces into useful mulch. 

This all happens by the quality blades of the wood chipper. If the blades are dull then you’ll not enjoy your work and in return get low quality. 

According to the top manufacturers of wood chippers, it is recommended to change the blade of the wood chipper after every 25 hours of working but that’s not confirmed. 

When you think that your wood chipper is producing uneven quality then go and change the blades. 

How To Remove Wood Chipper Blades

If you want to purchase a new wood chipper, you are confused about which one is best according to your requirements and fits your budget. 

Don’t worry. The Inside wood chipper team recently posted a detailed review of the best wood chippers by type, price, varieties, workload and brand

This guide helps you choose the best one according to your requirement and help you to save your money by the right selection.

Thanks for reading our suggestion; now scroll down and read more about removing wood chipper blades.

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    Want To Change A Wood Chipper’s Blade?

    Changing the blade of the wood chipper on your own is not as difficult as it sounds. Yes, you just need to know about a few things and follow the step by step process as described below.

    Things Or Tools That You Need For Changing The Wood Chipper Blade

    As you are going to do mechanical work properly on your own. Some professional mechanicals use their own designed tools as they are professional in their work but a few major things are required for changing wood chipper blades including.

    How To Replace Wood Chipper Blades : Step by Step Process

    Just follow these steps and change the blade of the wood chipper without facing any hassle.

    Step 1: Turn Off The Engine

    First, plug off the switches and turn off the engine then place it in the desired location.

    Step 2: Remove Spark Plugs

    Take a plug wrench and put off the spark plugs from the engine to make it manually so the cutting blade is not visible.

    Step 3: Remove Top Hoppers

    A hopper in a wood chipper helps to stop losing the bolts and keeping them in place and give access to the wood chipper’s blade. 

    Step 4: Lift The Housing Off

    Housing in a wood chipper is working as a shield around the rotor and blades. Turn it off from the wood chipper carefully by using the socket wrench. 

    Step 5: Remove Inspection Plate

    An inspection plate is typically used to wrap the cover-head assembly away from the forward side of the machine. Pull the screws off by using a wrench and moving it in the counterclockwise direction. Remove the plate off. 

    Step 6: Lose The Bolts

    As most of the time, an Allen wrench is used to remove the blades from the rotor that are fixed with bolts. 

    In some cases, it’ll be difficult to remove it fixed, jam, or placed by a thread locker then you should have to use some tricks or concerns with a professional wood chipper mechanic

    Step 7: Wear Your Heavy Gloves

    Wear your heavy gloves because now we are going to remove the blades. If you are seeing blades then good otherwise place the wrench in the incorrect direction and lightly rotate the disk. 

    Step 8: Remove The Blades

    That’s the main step to remove the blade. Be careful and wear gloves because the blades are sharp. If you are removing it after fifty-two hours then alright. 

    It’ll not create any problem and can be removed easily otherwise if the blades are broken, stuck, rusty, and are not changed for a long time then you should move on with the rubber mallet and remove it from its position.

    Step 9: Comparison 

    Take a look at the condition of the wood chipper old blade and predict how many times you should have to change it. 

    Also, check its sharpness as compared to the new one. Keep remembering that more than half percent quality of your wood chippers depends on their blade. 

    Step 10: Place The New Blade

    Open the new packed blades and check their shape. Try to use the same shape blade as the previous one and fix it at the exact place. 

    Place the parts including the inspection plate at their place and continue with your work. 

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    The Bottom Line

    That’s all about the step-by-step procedure of removing blades. I hope that you are satisfied with these details and learn a proper way to remove blades from wood chippers. 

    Keep rechecking while inserting new blades because putting a blade in the wrong place may create a major problem and tighten it properly as well as be hard with the tools that you’re using. 

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