What To Do With Fresh Wood Chips?

Fresh wood chips are not common because people think they may rod nitrogen from the soil that turns their beautiful green leaves into yellow. 

Moreover, it may cause some diseases. If you have fresh wood chips and think about what to do with fresh wood chips, then don’t need to worry because today, we will tell you all about fresh wood chips, the diseases cause by this, and the exact amount and way to use it. So, if you want to sort all your concepts, read this complete article.

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What To Do With Fresh Wood Chips
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    Is It Safe To Use Fresh Wood Chips?

    Fresh wood chips are considered safe for our soil and grown plants. People in our community say that the fresh wood chips tie up the nitrogen from the soil. 

    Yes, it is, but nitrogen depletion will also help the seed germinate better. Some researchers also prove that it is completely safe to use fresh wood chips as mulch on the soil as nitrogen is just a temporary problem until the fresh wood chips incorporate with the soil. 

    Moreover, there is no single chance of risk for established plants because the germ or bacteria that cause diseases do not remain longer in fresh wood chips but are still not considered the best option around your vegetable area. 

    Remember that the use of fresh wood chips is not as good as the other one. 

    Uses Of Fresh Wood Chips

    If you have fresh wood chips, you should go onward by following this described information and decorating your garden as easily as you want. 

    1. As A Mulch

    This is the most common use of wood chips. Fresh wood chips mulch work to improve soil texture and increase the germination ability of the seed. Moreover, it can adjust the soil temperature automatically according to the surrounding atmosphere. 

    Advantages Of Using Wood Chips As Mulch

    • If you use wood chips as mulch in your garden, then these are the few advantages you’ll get. 
    • Absorb the extra moisture.
    • Make it more consistent. 
    • Good weed suppression with less maintaining effort. 

    Disadvantages Of Using Fresh Wood Chips As Mulch

    • Fresh wood chips suck the nitrogen from the outer layer, which may cause nitrogen deficiency. 
    • Dangerous for vegetable plants as it. 

    2. Use As Soil Erosion Preventer

    If you live in a rainy area, these fresh wood chips work as a barrier for your garden and lawn. 

    It protects your soil in heavy rain and makes your plants healthier as fresh wood chips have some moist texture that cannot blow in high wind or stormy weather. 

    If you are still conscious, you should put the bit plan wood chips on the soil then use these fresh wood chips on top. 

    Moreover, after finding a perfect fixing solution for soil erosion, you can recycle these wood chips and use them anywhere when you want. 

    Advantages Of Using Fresh Wood Chips As Soil Erosion Preventer

    • Build the low areas of your garden. 
    • Absorb water in the rain.
    • Ability to work for a long time. 
    • You can also recycle it. 

    Disadvantages Of Using Fresh Wood Chips As Soil Erosion Preventer

    • Its hard layer or stuff may damage the grass from the ground. 

    3. As Walkways

    A walkway made of wood chips covers the landscape and gives a stylish and attractive look. 

    These wood chips in the walkway worked as a barrier, and you’ll feel the same as in the garden while walking on this. 

    It’s better to put around 5 inches of wood chips in the walkway so that it may give you a good layer with a comfortable walk after compressing.  

    Advantages Of Using Fresh Wood Chips As Walkways

    • Easily cover a damaged walkway that does not flow with broken paver stones. 
    • Give you a natural-looking path. 

    Disadvantages Of Using Fresh Wood Chips As Walkways

    • It would be best if you remade it every year.
    • There is a high chance of splintering from fresh wood chips walkway if you wear open shoes or sandals.

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    The Bottom Line

    This article will surely help you when you have a lot of fresh wood chips but don’t know where to use them. 

    Hopefully, all your doubts have been cleared, and now you can decompose them yourself. So, let’s move onward and use your useless fresh wood chips to decorate your lawn. 

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