Troybilt Wood Chipper 10 Hp Review

If your garden is laden with piles of branches or possesses trees and large shrubs that produce waste on trimming, you need to cut them into pieces to make them disposed of quickly, but it takes your precious time.  

You can minimize this effort and convert the garden waste into much more practical use. In addition, the mulch you gain from chipping is the organic-rich compost that you can utilize further in your property.

A troy-bilt wood chipper is a heavy-duty machine that can quickly disappear your branches into chips. It can pulverize branches of up to 23 inches, ranging from softwood to hardwood.

Troybilt 10 Hp Wood Chipper/Shredder

Troybilt 10 Hp Wood Chipper/Shredder

This article will review what I experienced when I put the branches into the troy-bilt wood chipper. In addition, you will be well informed about the operation and handling with proper safety precautions below.

Parts Of Troy-Bilt Wood Chipper

The parts of technical equipment are interrelated, and to use your chipper with full potential, you must acquire information regarding its features.

It will help you to carry out safer and smooth working practices.


This diagonally attached part is used to feed in branches. The branch size should not exceed 1/2 inch. Otherwise, it will lead to severe damage to the blades, flail, and impeller.

Chipper Chute

This feeding chute is used to process 3 inches diameter branches for chipping purposes.

Spring Latch

The spring-latch is positioned at the upper part of the hopper. Its purpose is to lock and unlock the chipper chute to lift it upward required during transportation and storage.

Lock Rod

It is stationed over the chipper chute support, which is used to lower the chute chipper downward. The machine is operated only when the chipper chute is lower.

Starter Handle

It is used to start the engine by pulling, located on the machine.

Engine Control

Certain features are available to control the motor, like speed, restart, reverse and forward options.

Tow Bar And Handle

A tow bar is used to pull a chipper behind a tractor, and the handle is provided for the manual movement of a chipper.

Convincing Features About Troy-Bilt 10 Hp Wood Chipper

Troy-bilt wood chipper has brought up great benefits to its consumers. We have listed the top benefits below.

Engine Potential

This wood chipper has a 250cc engine that makes the chipping of piles of branches in less time. You will encounter 1-2 bogging down episodes in an operation of several hours.


Despite its heavyweight, the durable wheel and the sturdy handle make transportation easy. You can move it around at your desired location.

Reduction Ratio

With Troy-bilt wood chipper, the waste of 10 bags can be reduced to 1 pack, which is easy to dispose of. In addition, the quality of mulch is incredible; you can use it for flower beds as well.

Appropriate Hopper Height

The height of both the hoppers, small and large, is tall enough to avoid any accidental caught in the user. Furthermore, it does not require you to bend position while feeding the material.


The machine makeup is sturdy and durable. The metal quality used for overall assembly can stand the extreme conditions.

Unsatisfactory Features Of Troy-Bilt Wood Chipper

The following drawbacks are observed after analyzing the user experience in the troy-bilt 10HP wood chipper.


The cost of this wood chipper is greatly higher as it is unaffordable for some users to buy.

Unsafe For Environment

Gasoline-powered engines release hazardous chemicals that unstabilize the atmosphere composition.

Troy-Bilt 10 Hp Wood Chipper Review

Troy-bilt wood chipper is designed for a heavy operation that claims to transform up to 3 inches branches.

I used this wood chipper in my friend’s backyard, where we had to convert piles of branch waste, which I experienced jotted down below.

Assembling And Setting Up

My friend had this wood chipper a week ago, and he told me that the company’s staffer in his area delivered the fully assembled and tested machine at his doorstep. That is quite advantageous.

In order to start the machine, we learned, from the manual description, the procedure of starting an engine and feeding of material.

Give The Engine A Start

There are certain sureties you have to make before starting a wood chipper. The first is to make sure that the oil and gasoline are at an appropriate level. The second is to set the throttle and the choke lever is away from the correct position.

The engine started with one pull and showed no resistance. Once the full engagement of the motor is achieved, set the choke on the run.

Chipping And Shredding Potential

In the unit of Troy-bilt wood chipper, two different hoppers are attached. The big one is for small branches, cones, and needles. The small hopper feeds in thick branches of up to 3 inches.

We had big branches ranging from soft to hardwood, including maple, pine, oak, redbud.

The branches disappeared quickly and into the exit chute. The leafy part of the branches got stuck in the smaller hopper during the operation, which was frustrating. 

Nevertheless, I managed to clean the hopper by loading more branches into the hopper, and it worked great.

Besides this, the feedstock must be prepared of appropriate size of not more than 3 inches. Unfortunately, I had long and twisted branches, so it took some time to prepare the feed material.

When I started feeding thicker branches, the engine bogged down. There might have been any branches that got stuck. I checked, but there was not any debris. 

So, my friend told me to check the hopper and discharge the chute. When I opened the hopper and discharged the chute, there was a clogging around the blades. 

The important thing to keep in mind while accessing the edges is to turn off the spark plug wire.

After cleaning the debris, the engine started with one pull, and I processed the remaining branches without any resistance.

The last thing is the collection bag, which can hold 5 bushels, was durable. Unfortunately, after several chipping events, it wore on the part the chip struck first, but fortunately, this does not make it dysfunctional.

If you are willing to buy a Troy-bilt wood chipper to maintain the backyard, you can finalize your buying decision by clicking these websites.

What Other People Say About Troy-Bilt 10 Hp Wood Chipper?

The product has gained 21 global ratings, in which 39% of consumers fully encouraged this wood chipper.

They believed that “this chipper and shredder model is a great help in maintaining our “grove,” without burning all that stuff! When it does get clogged up, it is a bit of work to clean it out.”

In addition, few people encountered an awful experience with this product. According to their perception, “this chipper is just ok. It chips twigs up to 2” in the leafhopper. 

The height of the main chute is about six inches higher than it needs to be, and a ‘pusher’ is not supplied. Moreover, the chute bogs down, jams, and is ineffective.” Read more customer reviews.

Ranking And Scoring For Troy-Bilt 10 Hp Wood Chipper

After reviewing the research data regarding the Troy-bilt wood chipper, it is estimated that this product stands at a score of 7 out of 10 as per the following features.

How To Prevent Troy-Bilt Wood Chipper From Damage (Maintenance Guide)

Do you know if you do not give the necessary attention to equipment, it will void the manufacturer’s warranty and end up with enormous damage?

So to keep the shelf life of the equipment, you need to give proper checking before and after and during operation intervals. This practice will keep your wood chipper in good condition, ultimately giving you better performance. 

Below I have detailed the maintenance schedule of troy-bilt wood.

Before Every Operation

  • It is required to check all the nuts and bolts of the chipper. If you find any of these loose, tighten them.
  • Clear any debris around the engine.
  • Check the engine oil level before giving it a start. 

Every 10 hours

  • Lubrication of all moving parts, chute rod, control levers, and linkages of hopper and discharge chute.
  • It is preferred to use light machine oil as a lubricant.

Every 25 hours

  • Replace air filter

Every 50 hours

  • Engine oil needs to be replaced.


  • Clean the spark plug
  • Replace or sharpen the blades
  • Wash the collection bag
  • Replace the air cleaner cartridge.

Blade Maintenance

  • Stop the engine, switch the spark plug off, and wait a while to ensure that the machine comes to a complete stall.
  • Turn the shredder screen upward to carry out further procedures.
  • Remove the two hex bolts and washers in order to dislocate a chipper chute support brace from the frame.
  • Remove three hex bolts and washers to remove the chipper chute from the impeller housing.
  • Remove the blades by removing hex bolts, washers, and hex nuts present inside the cutting system.
  • Place the new blades after sharpening the hardware.
  • To replace the second blade, rotate the impeller to get its access and repeat the same steps as followed for the first blade.

How To Store Troy-Bilt Wood Chipper Safely:

  • Clean the whole equipment, including parts and assembly.
  • Wipe it with a greasy rag to avoid a rust appearance.
  • For engine storage, you must read the engine manually.
  • Store the assembly in a clean and dry area, and make sure that no corrosive material lies around.

How To Overcome Common Challenges While Operating A Troy-Bilt Wood Chipper? (Troubleshooting Guide)

The engine refuses to start

There may be one or more factors responsible for engine refusal. Follow the below steps to confront the challenge.

  • Set the throttle position to “fast” or “start” position. 
  • Check for the spark plug for connection.
  • Check the choke lever position. Set it on the “choke” position.
  • Check the fuel level and make sure that it is not overused.
  • Prime the engine as shown in the engine manual.
  • Check the spark plug. It should be clean, fixed to the witch.
  • Check the fuel line. If there lies any blockage, clean it.

Inconsistent engine performance

During operating troy-bilt wood chipper, follow the guide below to get smooth performance if you observe intervals of the lousy engine working.

  • Check the spark plug wire. Make sure that it is tightened securely.
  • If the chipper I’d run on “choke” position, set the choke lever “off.”
  • Inspect the fuel for blocking and replace the oil with fresh gasoline.
  • Clean the fuel tank if water and dirt are present and fill it with fresh fuel.
  • Replace the air filter, and clean the vent.
  • There might be a faulty carburetor, and for this, you have to hire a service provider.

Engine Heats Up

If you observe the engine getting hotter than usual, you must identify the problem to minimize the vast risk.

  • Check the level of engine oil. If it is too low, it will excessively heat the engine.
  • Check the air cleaner, and clean it if found dirty.
  • There might be required adjustment in the carburetor.

Discharge chute becomes dysfunctional

The exit chute’s inability to flush chips outward is affected by many reasons. You cannot step further if you do not fix the problem.

There may be clogging persisting in the exit chute. To remove blocked material, stop the engine and disconnect the spark plug. Next, clean the flail screen and remove debris from the inside of the chute.

The foreign debris might accumulate in the impeller. To start the flow of chips outward, you need to remove the foreign stuck material.

Check the speed of your engine throttle. Discharge chute may be affected by low RPM.

Uniformity of chips compromised

Changes in the uniformity and rate of chip outflow may impact the final mulch appearance and longing hours of operation.

To overcome this trouble, you can follow these guidelines.

  • Check the blades if they become dull and show any wear; replace or sharpen them.
  • Check the speed of your engine throttle. Discharge chute may be affected by low RPM.

Too much vibration

This condition can be devastating if you ignore it. The continuous shaking of the assembly is due to the loosely attached parts and some damage to the impeller.

To fully overcome the problem, you should approach the service provider.

Safe Handling And Operation Of Troy-Bilt Wood Chipper

Wood chippers are potent devices. Dealing with these chippers without care may cause severe problems in the chipper and injure the operator.

Read and comprehend the manual thoroughly.

  • To make yourself safe from injury during operation, wear PPE.
  • The prepared feedstock should be free from foreign objects like rock, plastic, etc.
  • The branches of 1/2 inches and more should be placed in the small hopper. Do not place them in a large hopper.
  • The unit should be operated on a flat surface.
  • The leaves and other combustible substances should be placed farthest from a hot engine.
  • If you are towing a machine, try not to cover more considerable distances and not by over 10 m.p.h.
  • Proper installation of a chute deflector is mandatory; otherwise, do not operate the machine.
  • Gain enough knowledge about the engine exhaust and its oil components as some of these chemicals might be carcinogenic.
  • Gasoline should be handled with proper care. The fueling is to be done outdoors and immediate removal of any spill is required.
  • The fuel tank should not be overfilled. Left some space for the fuel expansion. 1/2 inch below the bottom neck is suitable to avoid mishaps.
  • Follow the standard guidelines for hazardous waste disposal for environmental protection.
  • Always operate and perform any work related to the wood chipper under-ventilated area.
  • The buildup of stock branches in the discharge should be removed; otherwise, it will bounce back the material you fed, which may cause injury.
  • Do not store the machine when the engine is hot. You must wait for 5 minutes to cool down the engine.
  • Do not try to make adjustments in the standard engine setting.
  • The operator must not be under any drug or alcohol influence. However, he should keep a vigilant eye on the operation.
  • The operation must be carried out under natural light or good artificial light.

Final Words

My experience was entirely satisfactory in my friend’s backyard, but some users reviewed it with negative sentiments. There might be certain factors responsible for their bad experience. 

Apart from this, you have gained all the detail required before making a buying decision. I have provided the details from a user perspective, and this will surely help you while buying and using the troy-bilt wood chipper.

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