Powerhorse Wood Chipper Shredder Review

Are you worried or annoyed by seeing the waste built up in your yard and having a thought cloud? Oh no! it is too much to handle and disposed of. 

So think before getting annoyed; you are in today’s world where everything is easily managed through technology. 

Yes! You can get rid of this waste and convert it into something useful. The wood chipper can do this task and pulverize all the branches into nutrient-rich mulch. This mulch can be utilized for various purposes in your yard area.

Among all wood chippers, power horse wood chippers have their place. The powerful engine implied with an effective cutting machine can handle up to 4 inches of branches.

This article will explore customer relevance areas regarding power horse wood chippers.

Powerhorse Wood Chipper Shredder

Powerhorse Wood Chipper/Shredder

Power horse wood chipper 420 cc engine is an efficient chipper that can transform leaves and branches into mulch. 

But before buying any technical equipment, you must be well aware of the relevant features that special equipment entails. Otherwise, you will end up buying a product that fulfills your needs.

Powerhorse Wood Chipper/Shredder Features

Below, I have listed the power horse wood chipper 420 cc wood chipper’s features.


The powerful 420 cc engine equipped with high-quality cutting knives offers you a great deal of chipping performance. The engine type is 4 stroke with an electric start with a capability of generating 36000 RPM. The iron covering and low oil shutdown protect the engine.


The 13 inches pneumatically designed wheels attach to the unit, and a handle makes its movement easy. These wheels work great over different types of terrain.

You can move the equipment around the garden or transport it into the vehicle.

Cutting System

The cutting system consists of two chipping knives, ten hammers, and ten shredding blades. These multiple knives and blades can pulverize feedstock of up to 4 inches in diameter into the garden bed.

Dual Feed Design

This wood chipper utilizes a drop-in shredding hopper, particularly for branches and leaves, and a chipper chute is provided for sticks and branches.

Collection Bag

The collection bag provided in some wood chippers is not durable. However, the bag with a power horse wood chipper is a 4.7 bushel that can catch mulch directly.

In addition, a low discharge chute is used to add the mulch beneath the trees.

Additional Features

Apart from the above details, some distinct features provide power horse wood chippers with an excellent working capacity.

  • The heavyweight and sturdy flywheel are used in this wood chipper to deal with almost all types of wood quickly. In addition, these flywheels create inertia required to the power needed to transform wood material.
  • The belt drive is added for carrying out smooth working and engine protection.
  • The dipstick with simple access allows you to check oil quickly and easily.

Powerhorse Wood Chipper Parts Diagram

powerhorse wood chipper parts

Powerhorse Chipper/Shredder - 420cc OHV Engine Detailed Review

In order to test the power horse chipper 420cc ohv engine, we ordered the product from Amazon. We tried to operate the product thoroughly in our backyard to assess its features. Scroll down to read what we experienced about power horse chipper/shredder – 420cc ohv engine.

We received the wood chipper with some necessary bolts missing or loosened, so it took longer to assemble the product. The lower terminal screw was also firmly tightened, taking more time to fix.

We could not give the engine a manual start before the electric start because the recoil start was found snapped. So for the first start, the engine required fluid used for the gas engine starter to warm the motor. After that, the motor generated power quickly.

On feeding the material, this wood chipper made a high noise level. Furthermore, it started smoking when the branch got stuck into the discharge chute.

The piles of branches in our yard transformed smoothly, but the sturdy wood took an extra effort. First, we arranged a collection bag of significant size because the supplied bag was too small to cover several hours of chipping mulch.

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What Other People Say About Powerhorse Chipper/Shredder - 420cc OHV Engine, 4in. Chipping Capacity

After scrutiny of 41 reviews, it is indicated that this product has low popularity among the users, mainly due to its design and packaging flaws.

It is estimated from user reviews that 55% of the people are unsatisfied with the product, and 45% found the product helpful.

Unsatisfied users said that they do not get what they paid for. They complain that certain essential accessories, such as bolts, nuts, batteries, etc., are missing in the box. In addition, the hopper opening is too narrow, and a clogging problem in the discharge chute.

Positive reviewers believe that the engine is powerful to process many wood materials. Read more customer reviews.

Rating and Scoring for Powerhorse Chipper/Shredder - 420cc OHV Engine, 4in. Chipping Capacity

Our team conducted a study on a global response to this product. This product stands at 5.2 scores out of 10. This result is concluded by analyzing 76 ratings. The following features were considered during the research.

Advantages Of Powerhorse Chipper/Shredder - 420cc OHV Engine, 4in. Chipping Capacity

Power horse 420cc wood chipper offers a significant number of benefits to its consumer.

Disadvantages Of Powerhorse Chipper/Shredder - 420cc OHV Engine, 4in. Chipping Capacity

Power horse 420cc wood chipper is considered perfect for land maintainers. However, it still contains some drawbacks that constrain its market. 

Powerhorse 420cc Chipper Manual

Powerhorse 420cc Chipper manual will guide you on how to operate the machine and help you know the machine’s working procedure. The Power Horse 420cc Chipper manual is available for download.

How To Sustain Machine's Efficiency

The primary step towards machine maintenance is to give a regular as well as in between the operation, a visual check. For example, all the connections may not be loose, damaged parts, or leakage.

Spark plug

After the continuous operation of 50 hours, remove the spark plug and check its deposit on the end. The color of the deposit should be beige or tan. Deprived of this tan with a brass wire brush, inspecting the spark plug gap; this should be 0.7to 0.8mm.

Replacement of engine oil

  • Stand the machine on a flat surface and start the machine. When the machine warms up, stop the engine.
  • Get the oil filter cap out.
  • Keep the oil collecting pan under the engine. The oil drain plug should be removed in order to achieve complete drainage. It is best to use a tube to avoid spilling over the chipper frame.
  • If the oil cap, gasket, oil drain plug, O ring show signs of wear, replace them.
  • Install the oil drain plug.
  • Add the oil up to the upper level of the dipstick.

Air filter cleaning

On excessive use, foreign waste gets adhered to air filters, ultimately affecting productivity.

Check the air filter once a month. It should not contain necessary dirt and damage. It is recommended to use eco-friendly, hydra-based non-greasy material for cleaning. After cleaning, wait for the filter to dry completely, then install it in the place.

Fuel tank filter

To keep this part maintained, remove this after every three months, clean it with eco-friendly non-greasy material, and then re-install it.

Cutting blades replacement

There might be a problem in blades if you notice disturbing chipping efficiency and non-uniformity in chips. 

  • Turn the machine off and wait a little longer to ensure that all moving parts come to a halt. Then remove the spark plug.
  • Remove the cover plate to get access to the blades.
  • First, remove one blade and rotate the impeller to remove another blade.
  • Sharpen the blades if your plan is not to install new edges.
  • Now place the cover slide and plugin spark plug wire.

Install a new V belt

When your engine does not perform well, the rotation of the blades is affected. There might be a cause in the v belt. The replacement of the v belt is straightforward. First, turn off the machine as described for the blade replacement procedure.

Remove the v belt cover and then remove the belt, install a new one and replace the cap. Connect the spark plug.

Storage Conditions For Powerhorse Chipper/Shredder - 420cc OHV Engine, 4in. Chipping Capacity

The following guidelines should be strictly considered in order to avoid potential haphazard.

  • The spark plug should be disconnected as it may start the machine.
  • The collection bag is completely emptied; otherwise, it will get rotten.
  • The chipper must be stored on an even flat surface; otherwise, oil and gas leakage will occur.  
  • Do not store in a closed space or near the fire breakout sources.
  • Close the discharge chute deflector and put the covers over the hopper and funnel so that nothing will get into the machine.

If you store the chipper for a more extended period, drain all the oil in the fuel tank and carburetor. After removing the spark plug, put one tablespoon of fresh oil into its hole.

The ignition is turned off, pull the recoil starter cord a few times. Connect the spark plug and continue removing the recoil starter cord until you feel resistance.

Troubleshooting Guide For Powerhorse Chipper/Shredder - 420cc OHV Engine, 4in. Chipping Capacity

Many consumers of technology do not learn how to confront small challenges during operation. Nevertheless, they become aware of some technicalities with time, but this costs the machine efficiency. 

So it is good to know the challenges before and when there is a problem; go through the details below.

The engine refuses to start

It is the most common issue in a wood chipper. It may occur if you disagree with the manufacturer’s instructions. Apart from this, certain other factors lead to the engine halt.

  • Check the control lever that all buttons are in the starting position. To be in the start position, switch the ON/OFF button ON, open the fuel shutoff valve, set the choke and throttle in the start position.
  • Inspect the spark plug wire. It should be properly connected, and if it needs replacement, go for it.
  • Check the fuel tank level. It should be of optimum volume, and if overused, replace it with fresh oil or gas.
  • Clean the air filter if it is dirty.
  • Check the fuel line for any blockage.

The motor does not support smooth operation

You do not need to worry; the motor takes some time longer than usual due to the excessive rate of chipping. To fix this problem below is the guideline provided.

  • Your engine might be warm, and the choke must not be in the correct position. Set the choke in the RUN position.
  • Clean the air filter if dirt accumulation is there.
  • Check the fuel; it should not be stale, and no waste in the oil. Also, check the fuel line blockage.

Engine warm-up

The continuous operation may contribute to the accumulation of foreign waste around the machine parts eventually heating the motor.

  • Check the motor around. If you found any chips and sawdust, clean them.
  • Clean the air filter.

Frequent shakes and noises

If you observe unusual things in a chipper, immediately stop the machine and follow the below steps. If the problem persists, contact the service provider.

  • Vibration mainly occurs when the parts are loose and damaged. Check the impeller, blades, and other components. Tighten their connection, and if they need replacement, go ahead.
  • Clean the waste accumulated around the impeller and blades.

How To Ensure Safe Operation?

Operating a wood chipper may be dangerous and cost your health and life if you are reluctant to follow specific rules. Incorporating the below guidelines while using a chipper will help the users from frequent and severe injuries.

If you want to get more guidelines regarding wood chipper safety, OSHA guidelines available online are an ultimate source.


This article will be a guideline about power horse wood chippers, from product features to operating them in the years to come.

So, this article is written to make you understand power horse wood chippers from all possible perspectives. 

What is a power horse wood chipper? How beneficial is it to the user? How to avoid possible ways to prevent the wrong buying of power horse chippers? How essential is maintenance? How can you handle it safely?

Powerhorse Wood Chipper Shredder Review

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