How To Tune Up A Wood Chipper

To keep your wood chipper updated and fast in working, you should have to tune it up at least once or twice a week. 

When a wood chipper is not properly tuned, it might provide bad quality and low-speed work, and engine failure.

If your wood asks for tuning every day, the best option is to purchase a new one to save your everyday service cost.

If you are confused about which one is best according to your requirement and fits your workload. 

Don’t worry, recently a detailed review of best wood chippers by type, price, varieties, workload and brand. This guide helps you choose the best one according to your requirement and help you to save your money by the right selection.

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How To Tune Up A Wood Chipper
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    How To Tune Up A Wood Chipper | Step By Step Guide

    If you want to make your wood chipper fast in working and increase its life. Go ahead and follow this step-by-step process.

    Clean The Machine

    Turn off the main switch and clear the dust from the outer and inner components of the wood chipper. Don’t use pressure water in cleaning. 

    Try to use a clean dry cloth or brush. In case of any rusting part, you should have to change to prevent any work damage. 

    Check Bolts And Screws Tightness

    Inspect the level of bolts as it is located in the right place and check the tightness of screws. If there is any loss or damaged screw then repair or exchange it immediately and keep your machine safe in working. 

    Check The Spark Plugs

    It’s better to check the wires or spark plugs before and after every use. If the wire is damaged from any area then change or repair it immediately to prevent any unfortunate short-circuit.  

    Inspect The Oil Change Tank

    It’s recommended to change the oil before starting work but not compulsory. You should have to change the oil when the tank is empty. 

    The time limit is probably about fifty-two hours. For inspecting the oil tank, first, you have to remove the yellow cap located on the tank’s top then check the level of oil in the tank. 

    If the amount of oil is low then add the appropriate amount of oil to it. Use the funnel to prevent any overflow. 

    Clean Flail Screen

    Change the screen when it becomes clogged or damaged. Avoid using forceful sprays or heavy materials for cleaning. 

    Change Air Filters

    As you know that the air filters in wood chipper prevent blockage and make your machine fast in working. For tuning up the air filter of the wood chipper, you should have to remove the cover from it and then start cleaning it. 

    It is recommended to change the air filter after every heavy workload or use of fifty-two hours. 

    Oil Greasing

    If you have a new or a year used wood chipper then this step is not necessary for you. While if you have an old or use your wood chipper almost every time then yes, oil greasing is an important task. 

    The screws and nuts might become hard or jam because of the workload that can be overcome by greasing. Grease the iron nails or bearings of the wood chipper at least once a week otherwise it becomes rusty and stops working. 

    Change Blades

    If the blades of your wood chipper have bad quality then your machine work is dull and provides you with inappropriate output. 

    Most manufacturers tell users to change blades after every single use but I recommend you to change the blade immediately when it starts working slowly or producing bad quality. 

    Quality Components

    If you are replacing the parts while tuning up your machine or in case of any unfortunate damage. 

    You must have to use quality components for your wood chipper because the value of your machine is completely dependent on its work that can only be possible by using quality components. As manufacturers spend too much time on testing and making parts. 

    Overrun Braking System

    The overrun braking system is mostly available in wood chippers that need proper braking adjustments and assist you to work on roads or traffic. 

    As hand-braking systems demand a lot of attention that’s why it’s not preferable to use wood chippers. 

    While tuning a wood chipper, make sure to check all the breaks because if breaks are not placed on time, it may cause some serious losses.

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    Final Words

    Tuning of the machine is really important to increase its life. If you have a wood chipper machine then you’ll surely need to follow these steps and tune it up at least once a week or month as required. By following these steps, you’ll see great positive changes in your machine’s working.

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