How To Tow A Wood Chipper

Wood chippers make our work easier and help grow our business in a positive upward direction. 

Purchasing a wood chipper and shuddering woods with this is not hard, but you need to care for your wood chipper properly to get excellent results. 

After taking a lot of work from your wood chipper, it is necessary to tow it at least once or twice a month to produce high-quality results. 

In this article, I will tell you all about towing wood chippers. Also, be aware of how you can tow your wood chipper by yourself. Let’s get started to discuss:

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    Who Can Tow A Wood Chipper?

    Everyone having their driving license can tow a wood chipper as they know properly how to do this, but there are a few limitations, too, like the weight in your allowance. 

    Also, the weight of a wood chipper is around 750 kg, no matter there is fuel in it or not. Otherwise, if you have a big vehicle with your driving license, you can easily load the weight of a wood chipper 1000 kg. 

    You should remember that the gross weight and combined vehicle will surely increase if you hold a full load heavy wood chipper. Shortly, it depends on the vehicle’s capacity and your driving ability. 

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    How To Tow A Wood Chipper

    Step by Step Guide: How To Tow A Wood Chipper

    If you are worried and searching to know how to tow your wood chipper, then you are on the right path, and all your problems will be solved. 

    You need to follow these few described steps, and then you can surely tow your wood chipper on your own:

    Inspect All The Towing Equipment

    If you are going to drive on the road, you should check everything properly to prevent future hassle. You must check that. 

    Surely Hitched 

    While towing your wood chipper with your vehicle, you should need to fix it properly. 

    Check all the clips on the breakaway cable as it is working completely and the jockey wheel is in the right position; moreover, the rotating wheel is fully tight. Check all these things when the latch is completely done. 

    Maintain Distance And Speed

    While towing a wood chipper with your vehicle, make sure to place some distance between. It will stop your vehicle from damaging and use when you need to apply the brake. 

    Your wood chipper was towing and did not stop immediately when applying brakes. In this case, this distance will work great and maintain stopping distance. 

    Moreover, you should need focus on driving speed. Try to pick the road with less traffic and drive at medium speed. 

    Otherwise, speed brakes can harm your vehicle and wood chipper too. Make sure to reduce your driving speed so that you can drive normally. 


    After reaching the destination, you need to unload the wood cheaper by removing the smooth balancing. It is hard to dislocate it while towing, and you need to do it carefully. 

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    Final Thoughts

    That’s all about this reading. I hope you are really happy after clearing all your choirs. 

    In this article, we take a detailed discussion about towing a wood chipper. With this discussion and following all steps, you can easily tow a wood chipper on your own. 

    In case of any problem or difficulty, you should need to call a professional to come and help you immediately.

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