How To Service A Wood Chipper

To keep a wood chipper fast in working and clean, it’s important to tune it after some time otherwise it may cause some serious problems including slow speed because of debris entering, engine failure.  

The wood chipper service is very important to keep your machine in running condition for a long time. 

Suppose your wood chipper is asking for service more than schedule, so you need to check its lifespan and chipping capacity. 

Maybe you are doing overload or using more than its lifetime provided by the company—the best option is to purchase a new wood chipper to save your service cost. 

Suppose you are confused about which one is best according to your requirement and fit your workload. 

Don’t worry, recently a detailed review of best wood chippers by type, price, varieties, workload and brand. This guide helps you choose the best one according to your requirement and help you to save your money by the right selection.

Thanks for reading our suggestion; now scroll down and read more about the service of the wood chipper.

How To Service Wood Chipper
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    Step by Step Guide How To Service A Wood Chipper

    Yes, it’s right that when you follow this service guide properly then you’ll never face a problem and get a productive time with a wood chipper.

    Clean A Wood Chipper Machine

    Make sure to overlook and clean a machine before and after work. Use a brush or a dry cloth to keep the engine or other electrical parts of the machine clean. Moreover, a clean machine is also not blocked in the fuel filter. 

    Keep Changing The Blades

    Most of the wood chipper mechanics ask to change the machine’s blade after every use or probably service it after every twenty-five hours of use but that all depends on the quality and performance of the blade that you are using. 

    Remember to change the blade when a machine starts to work slowly and roughly. 

    While changing the blades, make sure to use the machine with the correct setting of bolts and securing nuts. Lastly, fix the torque to zero and notice the blade’s quality by noticing the time. 

    Overlook The Air Filters

    To inspect the air filters of the wood chipper, remove the security cover from the air filter. If there is a little bit of dust on it then not a big deal. 

    Clean it with a brush or cloth and wash it with water but in case of stain or damage, you should have to repair or replace it. 

    It is also recommended by manufacturers to replace it after every twenty-five hours.

    Use Quality Components

    The worth of a wood chipper is completely dependent on its speed that can only be possible when you use genuine components in a machine. 

    The manufacturer spends too much time making and testing these parts. So, make sure to purchase quality parts with high features and a warning guarantee. 

    Check Wires And Spark Plugs

    Inspect the wires and plugs every time before starting the work but changing these wires is recommended after every single year because in one year these wires might be rough, cracked, or damaged. 

    If the wire is damaged or spark from any point that can be the cause of any damage then do not wait for a year and immediately change it. 

    Oil Greasing 

    Grease the wood chipper mechanical components with oil whenever you feel it becomes hard otherwise it can be the cause of rust. 

    So, grease the bearings and iron nails of the wood chipper almost regularly when the work is over or at least once a week. 

    In case of hardness, the parts of the machine can be damaged and stop working that will need to be repaired or replaced. 

    Process Of An Oil Change 

    After a lot of work, an oil tank should be empty. If yes, then go and remove the yellow cap from the tank and start pouring the recommended amount and type of oil in it. Place the cap back in its place tightly and start working. 

    It’s preferable to change the oil after every fifty hours. Make sure not to drain the tank for a long time otherwise, it’ll start giving you a bad quality result with several damages. 

    Check The Chips And Collection Bag

    Change the blades on time and check the location and working consistency of chips. Furthermore, check and clean the material collecting bag daily and change it after every six months or one year.  

    Maintain Breaks Properly

    Adjusted breaks are a really important thing when it comes to the wood chipper. Braking systems in wood chippers help to fix or keep it in place and also assist you on roads. 

    The overrun braking system is mostly found in wood chippers that need a proper timely adjustment. Hand breaks are not preferable because proper attention is required. 

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    Final Words

    That’s all the few simple but effective points to service wood chipper. Now, you do not need to call any second person to help. By following these key points properly, you can keep the maintenance of a wood chipper for years. 

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