How To Make Wood Chips For Smoking

If you are a smoker and want to make your wood chips for smoking, you don’t need to worry as you are on the right path. 

In this article, I will tell you all about making wood chips for smoking then read this complete article without skipping any point. Let’s get started to discuss.

The first thing is to select the right wood to make smoking wood chips. Almost every kind of wood is okay for making wood chips, but you need to choose the best one by knowing about your taste.

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    Which Type Of Wood Chips Is Good For Smoking?

    Multiple kinds of wood are found around us, but these few are best for smoking chips. Most people use the wood of fruit, oak, and pecan trees. You can pick any of that according to your choice. 

    Fruit Tree

    The wood of fruit trees, including cherry and apples, have been slightly sweet and made a good combination with any meat and vegetable. It also gives mild smokiness that makes your smoking much tasteful and fresh. 


    Oak is mostly popular in American areas such as California and Europa. This oak wood does not have any sweet taste as it has a neutral taste. The wood of oak is much harder compared to others. Therefore, it can burn for a long time. 


    Alder wood has a slightly sweet but hard taste that will go well with smokers. This smoking chip wood is mostly used in northern areas that will go well with grilling meats and seafood. 


    Pecan wood is derived from pecan nuts as both have almost the same flavor. This nutty flavor enhances your taste and also goes directly with beef. You can also pick it if you love nuts and enjoy your flavorful smoke as well.   


    Hickory is one of the most popular wood chips used in smoking. It has a high smoky taste with a great smell that surely gathers the attention of smoking lovers. 

    It has hardwood that can burn for a long time. It is a good choice for white meat or seafood lovers. 

    Safety Precautions During The Wood Chipping For Smoking

    While doing any wood chipping work. You need to know about some safety points otherwise you’ll get harm yourself.

    How To Make Wood Chips For Smoking

    Can I chip wood on my own? Yes, if you want to make wood chip on your own, you can easily do it. One is by manually, and the second is by machine.

    How To Make Wood Chips By Hand

    How To Make Wood Chips By Hand

    If you want to make wood chips by your hand, then you need two things, an ax or any sharp saw. 

    Making wood chips by this is a bit hard but also interesting. If you want to make wood chips by saw or axe, then you need to follow these steps:

    Collect Branches

    You can pick any wood or collect useless wood from your garden. If you want some specific wood logs, you can purchase them from the market.

    Bench and A Saw

    After collecting bunches of wood, your next concern is to pick up a sharp saw. Make sure to pick a saw with sharp blades because you will cut hardwood with this.

    Also, it would be best if you had a stand or a bench where you could place your wood log for cutting. It’s not necessary to purchase a new bench for this purpose; you can use any old or used bench that you already have. 

    Start Cutting

    Now, it is the time to cut the wood into small pieces like shred by hitting on wood hardly by a saw. It’s difficult, and people get tired after one or two logs. After completing, you’ll get beautifully shredded wood. 

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    How To Make Wood Chips By Wood Chipper

    How To Make Wood Chips By Wood Chipper

    You need to have a wood chipper or wood shedder of any brand in this method.

    If you want for home, then try to purchase a small one. You need to plug it on, start it and push the wood piece in it. It’ll automatically turn it into small wood chips that you can use for smoking.

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    Follow these steps to make wood chips by wood chipper:

    Take Wood

    First, you need to take any wood you want to shred. You can also pick up the waste woods from your home’s garden or anywhere else. 

    Wood Pieces

    Cut or break these wood pieces and branches into small pieces that can easily to handled by a wood chipper. You can use any size of wood as there are no limitations. 

    Start Working

    Turn on the wood chipper and put the wood inside it. Then press ut with another stick. It’ll automatically start shuddering your wood.

    The Final Thoughts

    You can also store it in a cool and dry place for later use. If you want to store it in any container, then yes, you can go for it. 

    Just make a few tiny holes that keep your wood chips dry and cool. I hope you’ll enjoy this reading and am happy to find your answers, but I recommend you purchase a small wood chipping machine because saw and axe would not give you pretty small chips as shedders and chippers do. 

    Moreover, the saw is a manual method that is a bit harder. If you want it for professionalism or need wood chips frequently, then a chipper shredder is a good option for you; otherwise, you can go ahead with an axe.  

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