How To Catch Wood Chipper Chips

Wood chips bring enormous benefits but sometimes these chips become waste material when they are not managed properly.

A garden laden with wood chips is not an ideal space for children to play in the evening, the edges on the wood could be sharp and harm your child.

A relaxing walk at night after dinner would be distracting because of wood chips. So instead, evening tea in your well-decorated garden is a perfect time to spend with your family after a long hectic day.

To fully access your garden and make it more attractive to spend the time you need to collect and free your garden floor from wood chips.

Moreover, you can sell these wood chips and start a small-scale business from the garden of your house and scale up to make more money. Apart from these, wood chips hold various beneficial avenues.

If you are not satisfied with your wood chipper and want to purchase a new one, you are confused about which one is best for you. 

Don’t worry! We are here to help you. Check out our detailed review of wood chippers by types, varieties, mechanism, price, use & brand. This detailed guide will help you choose the best one according to your requirements.

Scroll down and read more about how to catch wood chipper chips.

Later in the article, you will come across how you can get rid of wood chips. You do not have to hire experts to do these procedures. Instead, give your garden a self-service and save money.

How To Catch Wood Chipper Chips
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    Materials Required For Catching Wood Chips

    How To Catch Wood Chipper Chips

    Here is a step by step process on how to catch wood chipper chips safely. Just scroll down and enjoy the whole process.

    Prepare Yourself

    Wear a plastic coat and a surgical mask, as you do not know beneath the wood chips.

    It may be a home of microbial contamination in which molds and fungal spores are very harmful if you inhale them.

    Pilling Up Chips

    Take a rake and pile up all the wood chips around the installation, such as wheelbarrows and plastic bags. It will consume less energy and time.

    Collection Of Chips

    Take a shovel to collect wood chips and install them in a plastic bag. However, if you plan to dispose of these chips in landfills, biodegradable bags should be preferred.

    Otherwise, if you are planning to transfer wood chips from one to another land area, then a wheelbarrow is very handy to proceed.

    Warning: do not collect wood chips with your hands directly.

    Continuation Of Step 2 & 3

    Continue the process of the collection once all the pilled chips are installed. Next, re-raked the remaining chips of the garden and collected and installed them.

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    Removal Of Weed Barrier (Optional)

    If infested with molds, trash the weed barrier fabric. Pull the fabric upward and fold it to dispose of.

    If the fabric is hard to pull, remove the metal and plastic ceiling around the fabric. You can skip this step if you only want to replace wood chips if the weed barrier is not infected.

    Cleaning of wood chips in a garden is a time-consuming and hectic process. But using the right strategy and following a proper plan with suitable tools, you will clean in a lesser time.

    The steps mentioned above are organized in a way that considers user as well as environmental protection.

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