How To Build A PTO Wood Chipper

Pto is abbreviated as a power outlet behind the tractor transferring mechanical power between the tractor and the equipment. 

For example, a PTO wood chipper machine grinds wood, mainly tree parts or stems. This machine takes energy with a tractor. 

Some woodworks with a tractor are portable and comfortable with independent engines.

Different manufacturers make many wood chippers available in the market if you are confused about which one is best according to your requirements and fits your budget. 

Don’t worry. The Inside wood chipper team recently posted a detailed best wood chippers review by type, price, varieties, workload and brand. 

This guide helps you choose the best one according to your requirement and help you to save your money by the right selection.

Thanks for reading our suggestion; now scroll down and read more about building a PTO wood chipper.

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    How To Build A PTO Wood Chipper

    Tools Used To Make PTO Wood Chipper

    How To Build A PTO Wood Chipper

    Assembly of PTO wood chipper starts with the disc or setting of the disc. Holes on discs created by lathe. Blades are set on the discs according to a given dimension.


    Construction begins with a flywheel or A36 steel disc with Blades. The next step is to install the flywheel shaft on the discs. Flywheel shaft varies widely depending on machine design and machine model. 

    The flywheel disc metal can also change. The flanged bearing supports the Flywheel disc. 

    This chipper has four CNC machine pockets for gripping retractable blades, a connected flywheel disc and four large fan blades rotating at 1,100 RPM. 

    The size of the blade is set according to the design. 1 Axle to convert to the lathe. Mill chip slots on flywheel or disk. 

    Impeller blades and axles were welded to the disc. Should make chip spaces depending on the design or inches provided. 

    Do not make them larger and smaller than the given inches as it may cause malfunction. Instead, add a simple clutch with an empty pulley to the moving arm connected to the spring, where the engine will be the first clutch to be held. 

    The flywheel should be level before installation. The rear fan blades require weight and effectively clear the chips. They are free to remove the carrying bolts.

    Hydraulic Infeed System

    A large infeed roller is made by cutting metal sheets. Chips are fitted here to be sprayed with water. 

    Hydraulic pump is a direct drive from the lower shaft. The lower shaft plays an essential role and will not allow the driving belts to loosen. 

    The roller down pressure is adjusted by two large springs. The opening of the infeed hopper is 23 x 27 (59 cm x 69 cm), which drops to 8  x 8  (20 cm x 20 cm), which opens when the roller is 8.25 (21cm) wide -hydraulically driven infeed holding branches. And feed them using a chip.

    Driving Belt System

    The drive belt system is integrated formed by a large metal guard. The design of the PTO shaft connects to a tractor.

    Two types of drive belt systems exist in the PTO wood chipping machine.

    1. Automatic belt tensioner
    2. Tensioner Manual (requires tools)

    Personal Tensioner

    For manual tensioners, pulleys are used with belts. Four belts are used. One pulley is large, and the other is small. This method causes the inability to carry.

    Automatic Belt Tensioner

    Tension springs and swinging arms are used.

    Chipper Blades

    High-quality stainless steel chipper blades are included. The blades are kept at a 90-degree angle and removed from each other. 

    The blades are flexible and have two cutting edges on one blade. The entire knife is set on a flywheel with two countersunk M10 bolts and locknuts. 

    Metal objects may vary from company to company. These blades play a significant role in grinding wood.

    Feed Chute

    The infeed chute is made of metal sheets where chippers are inserted inside to cut out limbs or branches. 4 sheets are wrapped together by welding and making the box fall asleep. To do this, weld metal sheets.

    Infeed  Opening

    Infeed opening is made inside the infeed chute or hopper-installed chippers.

    Exhaust Chute

    The discharge chute is designed to rotate 360 ​​degrees with a 1/8 ‘half-spacer plate 3 / 16’material reinforcement plate. The exhaust chute is 1.9m above the ground.

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    This machine is used for the small wood logs or small tree branches, but this machine can’t convert heavy wood into more minor wood chips or mash. 

    This machine is only designed for the minimum dimensions. Pto wood chipper can convert wood trunks into a mash within given measurements. 

    An automatic driven belt machine is better than a feed manual machine because the pulley will lose the belt repeatedly in the manual system. Holes. This machine is suitable for farm holders.

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