Gas Wood Chipper | A to Z Guide About Gas Wood Chipper

Do you have a hobby of gardening? Of course, and you are planning to generate revenue from your passion for gardening. There are lots of ways to make money from gardening. Among them, wood chipping is potentially lucrative because wood chips tend to have diverse functions.

For this purpose, you need to have more robust and durable wood chippers that tend to perform their functions smoothly without interruption.

Gas wood chippers are the ultimate tool that offers its users a combination of features that helps to save time and maximize the outcome.

This article will familiarize you with the diversities in gas wood chippers, all the information related to its operation and maintenance, and answer your questions that come to mind before buying the gas wood chipper. 

If you are going to purchase a gas wood chipper so first of all read out our detailed review about the best gas wood chipper. It helps you to select the best gas wood chipper according to your budget and requirement. Scroll down and read more about gas wood chippers.

Gas Wood Chipper
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    What Are Gas Wood Chippers?

    The motor in the gas wood chippers generates power from fuel which makes them perform much faster. They are considered more reliable than electric wood chippers. 

    These chippers are on the market both as portable and non-portable styles. The additional features associated with the chipper decide its cost. 

    Gas wood chippers can handle more fibrous and thicker pieces of wood, and their material capacity is even more significant than their electric counterpart.

    Gas wood chippers are coupled with different functional parts to ease the laborious task of chipping. Hence, they are classified into different categories.

    Based on movement, the gas chippers are available in two different styles.

    Portable Gas Chipper

    These portable chippers can chip branches and twigs up to 3inches long, and they can convert around 20 bags of wood chips into one load of manure. They are convenient to use for domestic applications. The wheels attached to its main body make its movement smooth.

    If you own a small garden and you do not perform chipping frequently, portable gas chippers are an economical and powerful tool you buy than renting them. However, landowners of several acres should avoid purchasing this chipper.

    Tow-Mounted Gas Wood Chippers

    These chippers have tremendous power in that they easily handle wood logs around 7 inches in diameter.

    Landlords and professionals own these chippers as they are a surefire solution to chip more extensive woods for regular hours. Additionally, several acres of land are easy to clean up with these models.

    Unlike portable chippers, you need to attach these chippers with some kinds of vehicles such as tractors, trucks, etc., that must be compatible enough to hold your chipper and how the hitch is to be tightened.

    Besides shifting your gas chipper position, it also comes in different styles to provide better additional functions.

    Gas Wood Chipper Only

    If you require pulverizing extensive material approximately 3 to 4 inches, gas chippers without shredder is a quick fix solution. These chippers are fashioned in a way that contains a flywheel that creates momentum to the blades that chop wood pieces in an efficient and uniform style.

    These chippers without shredding function are helpful even for those lawns and gardens having massive plantations and where regular trimming is mandatory. 

    Due to their efficiency in dealing with fibrous and larger pieces, they are also owned by professionals.

    Gas Wood Chipper With Shredder

    Rather than accumulating the leaves and small branches as waste in the corner of the land and putting them in the fire, turn them into something valuable to save the environment and your cost to buy mulch for your plants.

    Gas wood chippers with shredders possess one horizontal hopper that feeds in larger wood pieces to chop into chips. In addition, there is another hopper attached vertically with the main body, which is used for shredding small materials. With the gravity principle, the shredder pulls the branches and leaves towards the blades.

    Both professionals and home gardeners own these dual-function chippers.

    Gas Chipper Shredder Vacuum

    It takes more time and effort to collect the branches and leaves, turn them into their respective hoppers, and save them in the bag. Instead, using a gas wood chipper shredder vacuum cleans up your garden or land in a single step and requires little effort.

    These vacuum chipper shredders are best to clean up small branches and leaves, but they do not possess the power to transform nuts because of their smooth covering.

    Despite the excellent variations in the design to make the model as attractive as possible, the engineer cannot avoid the drawbacks altogether.

    Gas wood chippers have the following pros and cons in their models.

    Benefits Of Gas Wood Chipper

    Drawbacks Of Gas Wood Chipper

    How To Maintain Gas Wood Chipper

    If you want to maintain the efficiency of your chipper in the years to come, follow the below-listed guidelines. Diversion from these guidelines may make your chipper more prone to damage and inefficient performance.

    Checking and inspecting chipper parts after recommended time makes the chipper run smoothly with the optimum outcome.

    However, cleaning and maintaining parts of the chipper if they are getting dull and liable to damage.

    Cleaning Of Clogged Debris:

    During the operation, certain small branches and chips dried or wet, stems, and wood dust accumulated in the hopper, chipper chute, and around the engine.

    It is recommended to clean the clogged waste every time before using the chipper.

    Drain Out Dirty Oil And Add New Oil:

    The used oil may be harmful to the other parts of your chipper. You need to change the oil after every 25 hours of use.

    Replacing Of Air Filter:

    Inspecting Spark Plug:

    Checking of the spark plug is recommended after 100 hours of operating the unit.

    Apart from the above principles, it is also advised to:

    Troubleshooting Of Gas Wood Chipper

    Here are a few faults and troubleshooting of these faults. Just scroll down and read the complete guide.

    The Engine Becomes Halt

    If the engine does not start or takes current, there might be several technical and non-technical causes. Listed below is how you can confront the problem.

    Inefficient Working Of Engine

    If your wood chipper is getting a stop during operation or performing at a slower rate and creating wood chips not in uniform size, follow the listed guideline to tackle the issue.

    The Engine Is Creating Smoke

    Chipper Assembly Starts Vibrating

    If the problem persists, contact the specific manufacturer to send the technical staff to locate the issue.

    Safety Precautions While Using Gas Wood Chippers

    Operating a wood chipper with safety precautions may prevent you from life and property loss. A number of general guidelines necessary for using the wood chipper are recommended.

    However, listed below are the precautionary measures associated while dealing with gas-powered chippers.


    This article is a valuable source of guidance about gas wood chippers, from buying a product to operating it in the years to come.

    So, this article is written to make you understand gas-powered wood chippers from all the possible perspectives. What is a gas wood chipper?

    How beneficial is it to the user? How to avoid possible ways to prevent wrong buying of gas chippers? How essential is maintenance? How can you handle it safely?

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