Efcut C30 Wood Chipper Review

Keeping the land maintained was considered an arduous task before the evolution of the technological era. The farmers or the landowners had to invest precious time and extra effort to manage the occupied land. 

However, significant variations in the wood chippers available on the market make life easier. Among them, the Efcut c30 wood chipper is a modern-equipped product.

Below is the complete research-based analysis of the efcut c30 wood chipper. Apart from the essential information, we have listed down the positive and negative aspects of this chipper and customer critique.

To make yourself familiar with this chipper, give this a thorough read.

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    Efcut C30 Wood Chipper Review

    Efcut C30 Wood Chipper Review

    EFCUT C30 Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

    9.3/ 10

    Efcut c30 wood chipper is a compact innovative designed product. Following parts are assembled together to perform chipping. 

    Cutting Blades

    This wood chipper has a cutting machine consisting of a 15.6-inch cutting rotor having 2 blades and 6 hammers, which transforms the material into chips. And on a discharge chute is a grilling system that converts chips into mulches.

    Material Capacity And Reduction Ratio

    This wood chipper tends to deal with around 3inch or 76mm diameter wood material with a capability of a high reduction ratio of 20:1.

    Engine and Oil

    This wood chipper derives its energy from the gasoline-powered engine, which features a 7hp 212cc horizontal 4-stroke single-cylinder OHV gas engine, fuel w/87+ unleaded gasoline (maximum 10% ETHANOL gasoline can be used as well), having a capacity of 0.7 gallons. 

    Feeding Hopper

    This wood chipper contains a durable wide and deep leafhopper made of steel, making the feeding easy for the branches with leaf. 

    Checking Windows

    This wood chipper is designed with two checking windows to perform the chipping efficiently throughout.

    The front checking window is for replacing or repairing cutting blades, and the second one is for checking and cleaning clogging debris.


    The machine’s weight is 114 pounds with dimensions H47.9̎ *137.8̎ *W32.8̎.


    This wood chopper has applications for forest and garden management, land maintenance, waste recycling of domestic or commercial yards to pulverize the branches, logs, shrubs, etc.

    Plus Points Of Efcut C30 Wood Chipper

    Efcut c30 wood chipper offers distinct advantages over other wood chippers, which increases its performance efficiency. 

    Following are the benefits from the manufacturer and buyer perspective. Give a glance at it before buying.

    A front check window ensures easy replacement of cutting blades and efficient work.

    It comprises a unique cutting system that transforms leaves and branches at high feeding speed.

    It is easy to move around the land or garden due to its compact design and 10-inch pneumatic large wheels.

    A durable collecting bag is attached to the main body with advanced folding functions that keeps the chips or mulch in the bag and prevents throwing them to the ground.

    A hopper is designed to make the feeding task handy for the users.

    An additional grilling device is present on the discharge chute.

    This wood chipper has 2 years of warranty.

    The Downside Of Efcut C30 Wood Chipper

    Efcut c30 wood chippers possess several advantages. However, there are some drawbacks in the design of this wood chipper that may constrain its market. Nevertheless, its benefits outweigh its disadvantages.

    This wood chipper has an excellent working potential. However, instead of this, there lies room for improvement.

    Packaging is the crux of transporting a machine. Improper packaging may damage the parts of the wood chipper.

    Efcut C30 Wood Chipper Review

    I possess an average-sized garden in my home with vast vegetation all around. To clean up the mess that is generated daily, I ordered an Efcut c30 wood chipper from the Efcut official website. Price is one of the significant factors that I choose this product.  

    After performing 20 hours of operation, I am writing this review of how the c30 machine did wonders in my garden and some problems I faced throughout.

    When I received this machine, I doubted its working efficiency due to its small size, but it did well. The chipper is provided with essential tools, such as safety installations, extra blades, bolts and nuts, etc.

    I found it relatively easy to assemble the machine, and if you know mechanics, you do not need a manual reference. You can fit all the parts together yourself.  

    After assembling the machine, I added fuel to the engine to start the device. Then, I kept the machine running for a while to confirm that all machine parts were intact. 

    In my garden, piles of both old and fresh logs were present. First, I put fresh wood pieces of hackberry into the feeding hopper, and then I fed aged hackberry pieces. The chipping was continuous, and no issues occurred.

    But as I started feeding material quickly, the machine stopped working then I slowed the speed to back the device to normal.

    The cutting blades work superbly with 2 inches of wood pieces; however, it does not chip 3 inches of wood as claimed by the manufacturer. So, the engine slows down on loading 3 inches of wood.

    As per my experience, the machine is simple, easy to handle, and efficient in performance. 

    You can order your Efcut c30 wood chipper from any of the following websites.

    What Users Say About Efcut C30 Wood Chipper?

    The Efcut C30 wood chipper review analysis is carried out under which 112 reviews are analyzed. The result shows that 53% of comments are positive, and 42% are not in the product favor.

    Some of the users of Efcut C30 wood chipper said;

    “Very well made, easy to use, takes out up to 2” branches reasonably well. For 3” branches, you need to go slow and pull it back when the engine slows down. It is relatively safe to do so and does not require putting your hand inside the chute. Chips left are fairly small and uniform. I would definitely recommend it.”

    “This machine is of good quality and I can already tell that it seems to be much more sturdy than other wood chippers. It started on the first pull. I have used it one time so far but I am already very happy with my purchase.”

    “My wife and I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, and we think it is a good choice for the money, and it has a pretty good battery life.”

    How To Keep The Efcut C30 Wood Chipper Intact In The Long Run? (Maintenance Guide)

    Frequent maintenance is the only way to increase the life of the chipper, and failing to achieve timely maintenance requirements is a compromise on the machine engine.

    Daily Machine Checks

    Blade Wear And Replacement

    The central part of the wood chipper is to keep its blade sharp. The edges of the efcut c30 wood chipper are set at an angle of 35 degrees to the ground.

    In order to keep track of blade efficiency, set the run time before starting the engine and turn it off after the machine comes to a stop.

    After every 3hours of operation, check and inspect the blade for dull, replace them as given below. In negligence, the engine will be overloaded and lead to machine breakdown.

    Troubleshooting Guide To Efcut C30 Wood Chipper

    While operating any device, you may encounter different possible troubles. Still, the most common problem that every user faces while handling efcut c30 wood chipper is compiled and listed below.

    If the challenge you confront is not in the following list, or the problem persists after ensuring the listed guideline, approach the manufacturer.

    Complete Or Partial Restriction Of Wood Chip Ejection

    If your device is not flushing the chipped material, continuous feeding may elevate the risk potential. So, stop the system as soon as possible.

    Two factors eventually lead to disruptions in expelling out of the wood chips. One major cause is the clogging in the discharge device, and another cause is the damage in the rotor paddles.

    In order to overcome these challenges, 1) Check the discharge chute, and clean the clogged area. 2) Examine paddles and replace torn or missing paddles.

    Rotor Comes To A Halt

    The rotor of the chipper stopped working due to obstruction in the exit chute, or the rotor got jammed.

    To solve this problem, 1) Clear the clogged discharge chute. 2) Check and clean the housing of the rotor and feeding hopper.

    Feedstock Not Propelling Inwards

    The blocking or slowing in the feedstock movement is triggered due to the inefficient engine, cutting system, and discharge mechanism.

    To make your feedstock propelling without breaks, follow the below options.

    Safety Measures

    Operating a chipper without proper working standards can trigger severe injury or death. In this regard, OSHA conducted research related to the accidents while using a wood chipper to increase awareness about safety standards set by ANSI.

    The safety precautions set by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and the EN standards are discussed below to avoid possible damage events.

    Final Words

    Efcut c30 wood chipper is an innovative and compactly designed model. This article ends with all the essential data that makes you familiar with the features, operating principles, and user comments.

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