Drum Vs Disc Wood Chipper

Different types of wood chippers are available around us that are available to use for multiple purposes. 

Almost all wood chippers can be used in every field but if you are thinking of working at a professional level and finding something significant, powerful, and effective then we found the two best options in our community. 

Both drum and disc wood chippers produce the best results in every field but if you are the one who is still confused and want to choose the perfect wood chipper for yourself then you are on the right path. 

In this article, I am going to compete for both disc and drum wood chipper that will surely help you to pick the best one for yourself. Let’s scroll down and find your answers;

Drum Vs Disc Wood Chipper

Drum Vs Disc Wood Chipper

We commonly found the question on the internet in which people ask whether wood or disc wood chipper is best for us? Let’s discuss. Both chippers have the same power, diameter, and other features instead of the position of blades. 

In a drum wood chipper, the blades are mounted on the drum with little space between them in such a scooping motion manner. 

While the blades on the disc chipper are mounted on the face of the disc that cut roughly straight around a 90-degree angle. Both drum and disc produce high-quality results according to their positions. 

Comparison Table: Drum Vs Disc Wood Chipper

Drum Wood Chipper Disc Wood Chipper
The blade direction in the drum chipper is on the drum with minor distance. The blade direction in the disc chipper is on the face of the disc.
Drum chipper is less energy efficient. Disc chippers chip the material faster than drums.
The multiple wood chips sizes of drum chipper is more attractive. It provides fine but big straight shapes of wood chips that look awkward.
Drum chippers need at least 12” capacity to get started. Disc chipper is considered a modest version.
It is easy to change the blades. Changing blades in a disc chipper is a bit harder.
Drum has more weight and size Disc chipper is easy to load as it is light in weight.
It almost never get clogged It became clogged sometimes
It is preferable for branches or twisted wood materials. It is preferable for straight, thick, big and hard wood material.

Where to Use Drum and Disc Wood Chipper

Every chipper is designed for some specific purpose and field where you can use it. Similarly, drum chippers can convert any kind of wood (branches, logs, trees) into wood chips slab and waste veneer but also available to cut and chip non-wood material including sugar cane and paper industry. 

Moreover, you can adjust the size of wood chips according to the requirement. While the disc-style wood chipper is specially designed for chipping thick wood logs and timbers into the straight flat and uniform direction. 

The Bottom Line

I hope you are happy after reading this complete article by clearing all your doubts and misconceptions. In this article, we briefly describe the differences between disc and drum chipper and try to help you to find a perfect one for yourself. 

Keep remembering that changing the blades immediately when it becomes dull is an important task to focus otherwise it’ll ruin all your material then no matter which chipper you are using. 

My personal opinion for you is to choose a drum chipper as it has good velocity, a right angle disc with high chipping power that automatically increases the wood chipping quality. 

So, why are you still standing here? Go and purchase your favorite chipper and make your living easier. 

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