Do Wood Chips Attract Termites?

It seems that the insect found when we cut the wood deep down made many questions in our minds. Some people think that it is because of moisture. 

Some say that insects and termites are naturally found in wood, while others think wood attracts termites. 

This is a really common question in our minds related to wood chips that we can’t ignore just by saying it is a myth. 

If you want to know about the relation between wood chips and termites, you are on the right path because, in this article, we will clear all your quires and misconceptions. So, let’s scroll down and find your answers.

Do Wood Chips Attract Termites

Why Are Termites Found In Wood Chips?

We all use wood chips in our gardens to keep the soil moist and give high germination power to our plants. Wood chips love this soil and moist wood chip texture and love to pick it as its food. 

This moist area and favorite texture force termites to explore the surroundings to find more food. Wood chips made by slash pine, loblolly pine, and cypress sapwood are mostly considered favorite textures of termites. 

Do Wood Chips Really Attract Termites?

Termites are insects found naturally, but the concept that wood chips attract termites is completely wrong. Termites do not smell wood or anything, so they never intentionally attract wood chips. 

They found their food as wood chips by luck. It is preferable to spread mulch a few spaces away from your home; otherwise, it may enter your home and be the cause of damage. 

Moreover, wood chips are never a cause to multiply the termites, so don’t worry about it and spread mulch in your garden as needed but carefully. 

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Steps To Spread Wood Chips In Your Garden

Some people are terrified of termites and do not spread wood chips in your garden. Spreading wood chips doesn’t show that you are going to get termites. 

It is just in a few cases that can be prevented by spreading it. If you already have termites and want to be cured, then yes, you can do it by getting help from some pest controllers. 

These are the few steps that you need to follow while spreading the wood chips in your garden.

Distance Zone

It’s important to leave a few areas around all four sides of wood chips to prevent termites from entering your home. 

Make sure that the wood chips are away from every door and building area of the home. Skipping at least 6 inches is a standard building code that also seeps the wood moisture so that you can easily detect the termites and other insects from the wood chips and protect your soil. 

Don’t Water

The safety strips that you place around your home should be dry. Dry wood, soil, and wood chips are unattractive and rude for termites; that’s why you should need to keep the safety area and mulch at least 2 inches dry. 


You must keep an eye on all the things in your soil and spray it accordingly as needed to keep away from termites. If you see any sign of termites or their growth, immediately call a pest professional to clear it out. 

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Final Words

That’s all about this article. I hope you enjoyed this reading and am happy to find this article helpful. 

This article discussed all the related power between termites and wood chips. Moreover, we discussed the prevention and exact way to spread it in your garden. 

If you are still confused, you can call a professional to sort all your quires in front of your eye. So, why are you standing here? Go and use wood chips to make your garden more beautiful. 

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