Best Wood Chipper Alternatives

We all need wood mulch for different purposes: smoking, warming, gardening, or business purposes that can mostly be made using a wood chipper. 

We can’t afford the readymade mulch almost daily; then, we move toward wood chipping machines that make our work much easier. 

We can make a lot of mulch with wood chippers by using our useless wood in some minutes, but this article is for those who don’t afford the wood chippers. 

Yes! Wood chippers are a bit expensive that everyone cannot afford. In this article, we will discuss the best wood chipper alternatives. 

Just wait a sec! If you are reading about alternatives of wood chippers just for knowledge and want to buy a wood chipper, you are confused about which one is best according to your needs.

So check out our detailed guide. In this guide our team reviewed the best wood chippers by types, mechanism, varieties, price, use & brand. It helps you choose the best wood chipper that fits your requirements.

Back to the topic, Scroll down and learn more about wood chipper alternatives. Let’s get started;

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    4 Best Wood Chipper Alternatives For Making Wood Chips

    If you don’t have a wood chipper and want wood chips, you don’t need to worry. By using the few described methods, you can easily be made wood chips on your own.

    1. Saw Or An Axe

    Saw Or An Axe

    If you don’t have a wood chipper, a Saw and Axe will help you as the best alternative. 

    Making wood chips manually is a bit hard, but people also prefer the wood chips made by hand, and it’s really beautiful to look at and a bit expensive to purchase. 

    Moreover, if you want to fit yourself, you can adopt this work to exercise your muscles. 



    2. Angle Grinders

    Angle Grinders

    The next alternative of wood chipper is an angle grinder. You can use an angle grinder for making wood chips. 

    This process is not highly recommended for making many chips, but if you wood chips for just one time and less quantity, you can proceed with this process. 



    3. Chain Saw

    Chain Saw

    Chain saw is also the best wood chipper alternative. You can easily chip woods by using the chainsaw. 

    The chain saw has very sharp long wavy blades that help you shuddering woods. It works well with thick wood that is placed in the horizontal direction. 



    4. Log Splitter

    Log Splitter

    A log splitter is a small machine similar to a wood chipper but not as it. It is quite cheaper, smaller, and has low quality compared to a wood chipper, but if you want the best alternative of wood chipper, you can go on with a log splitter. 



    Do You Need Any Safety?

    Yes, safety will be your priority as making chips manually without a wood chipper is hard, and all work by hand. 

    You should wear safety gloves to protect your hands from any damage. If you are making wood chips by an angle grinder then you can also need to wear the safety goggles to protect your eyes. 

    I hope! This Guide Helpful For You: How To Tow A Wood Chipper

    The Final Thoughts

    That’s all about this reading. I hope you enjoyed it and were happy to learn about the alternatives to make wood chips without using a wood chipper. 

    These methods will surely help you if you need to make wood chips immediately. 

    Moreover, people like homemade wood chips made without using any chipping machine as it looks nice and is quite good to complete your needs. 

    So, why are you standing here? Go start making wood chips without any wood chipper and make your living easier. 

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